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The EDGE VS420 C&D Shredder by Greenrock is a high capacity, high torque twin shaft shredder that is ideal for the processing of a large array of materials including, but not exclusively, green waste, MSW, C&D waste, biomass and end of life tyres.

EDGE’s next generation shredder has been developed for ultimate versatility and high resistance to contaminants with a number of customizable shredding programs and chamber configurations available.

With its built in intelligent operating system, the tramp metal protection feature provides the ultimate protection from contaminants, lowering the overall liftetime investment.

At the heart of the VS420 are twin synchronized, high torque shredder shafts which can be customized to suit a customer’s exact application. The finished piece size of the finished product is determined by the shredder setup and Greenrock have the expertise to help you navigate these preferences.

EDGE’s twin shaft design provides exceptional material intake, ensures less wear, promotes self-cleaning and prevents material wrapping even in the toughest of applications.

The EDGE VS420 is built for primary shredding. It is the perfect choice for anyone hoping to present shredded pickable material to a sorting line/picking station.


• Highly robust design provides high durability and the ability to withstand difficult to shred materials.

• Twin Shaft design provides exceptional intake behavior, less wear, self cleaning and prevents material wrapping.

• Intelligent Self-Protecting control system with tramp metal cycles prevents against asset damage.

• Eco-power saving functionality coupled with a fuel consumption from as little as 7-8 US Gallons per hour



  • Shredder area of 1.96m x 2m (6’5” x 6’6”) and hopper capacity of 3.5m³ (4.6yards³)
  • Intelligent self-protecting control system
  • Lowest maintenance cost grinder on the market
  • On-board load sensing diagnostics
  • Improved fuel efficiency with eco-power saving functionality
  • Low power consumption: 25-30ltr/hr (7-8 USG)
  • Intricate piece sizing in just one pass available with the new Slayer Basket System
  • 1400mm (55”) wide discharge conveyor providing a discharge height of 5.1m (16’9”)

The best shredder for grinding stringy material is a low speed shredder. The EDGE low speed, high torque shredders are designed with reversing shafts that prevents wrapping of fibrous material such as palm and cedar. Dual shaft shredder models include the SLAYER XL & VS420.

The EDGE Shredder is a low-speed, high torque, dual-shaft shredder for all types of waste. The power plant of the VS420 is a modern Caterpillar engine. The hydraulic drum drive with load dependent speed control, creates maximum shredding force. The drum can reverse at any time to prevent blockages, redistribute material or clean the drum. The continuous cutting gap adjustment allows for the precise setting of the particle size for subsequent processing steps.

Single shaft shredders are best suited to shred tires, mattresses, carpeting, municipal solid waste and heavy C&D.

The dual (twin) shaft provides an aggressive feed while minimizing fines. The VS420 is powered by the latest Caterpillar engine. The output size is determined by simply exchanging screen baskets. The variable speed/ variable torque hydraulic drum drive system, ensures the Crambo runs at maximum efficiency.

Dual shaft shredders are best suited to shred stumps, green waste, food waste, woody C&D, asphalt shingles, railroad ties, hay bales, pallets and rigid plastics.

We carry genuine OEM parts and our trained team of technicians offer both shop and field support to ensure that our customers’ equipment is kept up and running.

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