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At Greenrock, we have the largest Track Mounted Trommel Screen in all of the United States.

*AVAILABLE FOR RENTAL TODAY* – To best serve the Western U.S market, our trommel inventory is always expanding. This tracked trommel is the flagship piece in our trommel line and we have repeat customers with multiple units who are testament to the machines build quality and production.

Built heavy in the true ‘American Style’ Trommel design (fines conveyor rear mounted, rather than the compact side mounted ‘European Style’ units), the EDGE Tracked Screen has performed at 385 cubic yards per hour in wood applications.

Easy to permit and bulletproof in its reliability, the EDGE trommel screen is the premier in class machine on the US market.

Call today and we can set up a viewing/demonstration at short notice. We currently stock machines in Southern, Central and Northern California and can mobilize our units quickly & alter the screens to your exacting and unique application.

Trommel Screen


 Customer Driven Features

  • Remote Control as standard which means the operator can control it all from the comfort of his cab.
  • 180° Radial Fines Conveyor as standard. This means a 1381 yds³ stockpile volume capacity on the material fines.
  • Hydraulically Adjustable Brushes as standard, which ensures brush wear can be minimized & a fast drum change is achievable.
  • Extra wide 60″ collection conveyor. As a result, material bridging is eliminated.
  • ‘EasyClean’ access holes at sides of the drum
  • 10 cubic yard hopper which means large mulch ‘fold-out’ buckets can be used with ease.
  • Dual Side Fuel Fill means easy access regardless of machine position
  • CAT 4.4 engine
  • Danfoss Motors
  • Intelligent load sensing to prevent drum overload
  • Improved fuel efficiency with eco-power saving functionality
  • Low Fuel Consumption: 3-4 US Gallons per hour
  • Trommel screen drum dimensions: 23-foot x 7-foot drum
  • Adjustable screening angle by way of hydraulic rams

*Image shown on the left has the ‘Live Head’ Screen option on it. This is not standard*



Trommel Screen Mixed Waste

We have tracked trommel screens in stock and ready for rentals today. Call us

Trommel Screen at Compost Show 2018




Commercial and industrial waste (C&I)

Construction and demolition waste (C&D)

Green waste


RDF processing

Sand and gravel

Skip waste

Top soil

Wood waste








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People use screening equipment to separate different grades of material such as soil, gravel, mulch, and sand. These machines work great when they are working with dry material, even if bits and pieces are large in size. A notable weakness, however, is the difficulty that traditional screeners have with wet materials such as moist soil, wet sand, and compost. These substances tend to clump together when they are wet, which reduces the efficiency of the machine. In addition, moist material can clog up the machine and stick to the screen. This can be difficult to dislodge and will cost a lot of time. Fortunately, trommel screen sifters are available to make these tasks much simpler.

A trommel is a screen that is curved into a cylinder. The machine spins the cylindrical screen in order to sort through the material as it is fed through. During this process, the wet material tumbles around. Air is added and the soil, mulch, or sand becomes lighter and drier. The tumbling action also allows maximum contact time with the screen so that the fine material gets through quickly. A trommel screen can sort through dry substances quickly as well, even though it is designed with wet material specifically in mind.

These sifters come in different sizes, but in general they are portable enough to be moved by truck. This is very handy if you need to screen soil or mulch in more than one area of a homestead or if you need to move the machine to a different location entirely. Due to the materials that trommel screens specialize in, they are particularly popular with landscapers and excavating contractors. When things need to get done quickly, you cannot depend on your material being dry enough for a standard screening machine. Every handyman knows the importance of bringing the right tool for the job. The bigger the job, the more important the tool.

Cities can often find a lot of uses for screening machines. Trommel machines are particularly useful because they can handle a variety of tasks with speed. A quality screener pays for itself quickly when there are several tasks at hand. They are a beast that can take on a lot of work, but be sure not to overfill the machine. With a trommel, additional material beyond the designed capacity will only slow things down. The surface area of the screen is the limiting factor, so clogging the center of the rotary with more dirt or mulch will not accomplish anything. These machines are top notch quality, so it is important to remember that they should be allowed to work at their set pace. Even if there is a lot of labor to be done, the trommel will cut through it at a healthy speed, so let it run its course.

Like with many heavy duty machines, it is best to buy a trommel screen directly from a manufacturer. Far and away, this will get you the best price. By cutting out the middleman, you will also avoid all the overhead costs of a separate store and any salesman commissions. You pay the freight costs, but you would be indirectly paying for that anyway. The only issue with dealing directly with the manufacturer is that you need to do a bit of research. Luckily, the internet has made this issue all but disappear. Manufacturers that sell directly to customers have websites that explain the details of their products and provide informative videos and descriptions. By comparing different screeners and companies, you can find the highest quality machines at the best possible prices. If you are fairly good at performing online searches, the entire process will take less than an hour. If you need to sift and sort wet materials, purchasing a trommel machine straight from the manufacturer is the way to go.

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