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Protecting workers is an essential part of the waste management industry with mobile picking stations being a vital component to ensuring best safety practice is followed at any site. The EDGE MPS48 modular mobile picking station brings safety, mobility and efficient separation of commodities in a robust, durable, long lasting and user-friendly mobile picking station. Boasting a number of design features such as a 1200mm (48”) wide conveyor, variable belt speed, impact bed feedboot as standard, the EDGE MPS48 has proven to be a popular choice within the waste recycling sector.

Designed and built with a range of applications in mind, the MPS48 Sorting Line can be fitted with a multitude of options such as roofing, lighting, insulated air conditioned enclosures with windows and heating, air separators and over-band magnets for the removal of ferrous metals. With a unique modular design, the EDGE MPS48 provides operators with the versatility to add or remove picking bays in line with the changing scale of capacity requirements. Essentially the EDGE MPS48 picking station can be tailored to meet your needs.



  • Modular design allows for the customer to add or subtract the number of picking bays
  • Robust, durable design with variable belt speed
  • Can be continually fed by any Primary / Secondary Crusher or Screener
  • Heavy duty input section with impact bars and feedboot with additional support legs
  • Improved presentation of commodities enabled by the 1200mm (48”) wide conveyor
  • Variable working heights to suit a range of skips/dumpster sizes
  • Fixed stairway access which complies with all safety regulations
  • Universal sliding platforms enables quick transfer from operational to transport mode.


  • Commercial and Industrial Waste
  • Construction and Demolition waste
  • Domestic and Household Waste
  • Municipal Solid Waste
  • Organic waste
  • Wood waste


  • Power source options: Diesel/Hydraulic, Direct Electric, Diesel Genset
  • Full length impact bars
  • Hydraulic jacklegs
  • Emergency pull cords
  • Overband magnet
  • Air knife
  • Enclosed cabin
  • Roof frame
  • Air brakes

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