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With unmatched production rates of 500 yards³/hr and high efficiency; the EDGE ColorPRO Mulch Coloring Machine offers operators the highest return of any coloring system available on the market. A self-contained portable coloring system, the EDGE ColorPRO is ideal for those operators seeking a large capacity, coloring solution. Designed completely for the coloring of material, the ColorPRO dye trommel from EDGE Innovate incorporates impressive design features such as a 2m X 6.9m (6’ X 22’) long spiral drum with built in material detection system to ensure against color wastage. A large hopper capacity of 12.6m³ (16.5 yards³) complete with forward / reverse feed conveyor, variable speed feeder and drum rotation allows for differing workloads. Combining the aggressive force of both the turn shaft auger system and drum barrel, ensures for an efficient delivery of colorants to the feed material.

With a throughput capacity of up to 500 yards³ per hour and ease of transport; the EDGE Mulch Coloring Machine is the ideal solution for satisfying the production demands of the largest mulch producer or for those producers that operate across multiple sites.



  • Forward/reverse auger flips and rotates material allowing it separate, aerate and untangle
  • Wide, variable high speed feeder conveyor enables an even spread of material
  • Hopper specifically designed to combat bridging tendencies of low dense, bulky materials
  • Can receive loads directly from Loader or Grinder
  • Eliminates the need for a separate feeder and stockpiler units
  • Can reduce fuel, maintenance and labour costs by up to 80%
  • Designed for quick and easy transportation via low-loader
  • 22ft long drum for maximum efficiency
  • 16.5 yrd³ hopper capacity with detachable hopper extensions
  • Variable drum and feed conveyor speed to allow adjustment for varying workloads
  • Unique material detection system to prevent colour wastage
  • Turn shaft built into hopper for easy dispersal of material before entering drum
  • Low power consumption: 12-15ltr/hr (3-4 US Gallons)
  • Hydraulic folding discharge conveyor for quick and easy transport
  • Hydraulic jacklegs located at front, middle and rear of machine for operating on uneven terrain.

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