Color more with less dye – the EDGE Coloring Trommel

Posted on: 19 May 2023

“Color more with less dye”

This is the promise of the EDGE TRC622 Color Pro, a highly effective, self-contained portable coloring trommel. The machine has been expertly designed for operators seeking a large-capacity coloring solution within the organic industry.

High Throughput and Efficiency

Boasting a throughput capacity of up to 500 cubic yards per hour, the TRC622 Coloring trommel is ready to meet the production demands of the largest mulch producer or those who operate across multiple sites. It has a large hopper with a capacity of 16.5 cubic yards, complete with detachable hopper extensions. The TRC622 also includes a forward / reverse feed conveyor, variable speed feeder, and drum rotation system, allowing it to handle differing workloads effortlessly.

Superior Dye Application

The EDGE TRC622 Color Pro stands out with its aggressive force combination of the turn shaft system and the trommel drum. This design ensures efficient delivery of colorants to the wood material. To maximize efficiency and minimize waste, the TRC622 also includes a unique material detection system that helps prevent color wastage.

Complete Material Coverage

The TRC622 Color Pro is equipped with a turn shaft built into the hopper. This feature effectively breaks up old, clumpy material, preparing it for dye application and ensuring complete coverage with less dye. Thanks to the auger in the hopper, you can count on an even and thorough coloring job, every time.

User-Friendly Features

For easy transport, the TRC622 Coloring Trommel features a hydraulic folding discharge conveyor. The machine also includes hydraulic jacklegs located at the front, middle, and rear, allowing it to operate smoothly on uneven terrain. What’s more, the TRC622 is powered by a Cat 4.4 engine and has a relatively low power consumption of about 3-4 US gallons per hour.

Key Specifications and Features

  • Equipment – EDGE TRC622 Color Pro
  • Engine – Cat 4.4
  • Throughput Capacity – Up to 500 cubic yards per hour
  • Hopper Capacity – 16.5 cubic yards
  • Power Consumption – 12-15 liters per hour (3-4 US gallons)
  • Transport Length – 56’9″
  • Transport Width – 9’3″
  • Transport Height – 13’6″
  • Weight – 30 US Tons

At GreenRock, we’re committed to helping you unlock the full potential of the EDGE TRC622 Color Pro dye trommel. Our team of seasoned experts will work closely with your crew, providing comprehensive hands-on training to ensure effective and efficient use of the equipment.

From understanding the unique material detection system that prevents color wastage, to learning how to maximize the variable drum and feed conveyor speeds, our specialists will guide you through every step. We’ll also train your team on how to leverage the turn shaft in the hopper to ensure complete material coverage with less dye. Importantly, we won’t just leave you to figure it out – we stand by the GreenRock promise to stay with your team as long as it takes to ensure everyone is confident and competent in operating the TRC622.

With GreenRock, you’ll be coloring more with less dye in no time.

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