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Just a decade ago McKinstry’s Skip Hire, a Construction Demolition waste processor, like the majority of Irish recycling firms were taking 90% of all the waste collected across Northern Ireland straight to landfill. Today those figures have virtually been reversed, with over 90% of waste now being recycled and reused. A resource efficient Northern Ireland is at the center of McKinstry Skip Hire’s business model.  The company has worked hard to become a leader within the waste management industry by making significant investments in their Material Recovery Facility.

On visiting their large premises near the Belfast International Airport, you immediately get the feeling that this company knows exactly what it’s doing and where it’s going. The transparency of the municipal facility engenders trust in would-be customers.  Based on a family owned, three-and-a-half acre site, McKinstry Skip Hire Ltd now employs over 80 people and processes up to 170,000 tonnes of non-hazardous waste annually. They may have started life as a waste disposal company, but these days the focus is on the collection and recycling of dry waste. ‘Landfill’ is a dirty word in these parts, and even the trommel fines are recovered with the introduction of new waste disposal regulations. Waste is received from the McKinstrys’ collection services, from all sectors throughout Northern Ireland. With 85% of material received being recovered and sold on; 10% is converted to high quality RDF, only 5% of waste received is sent to landfill. It is clear to see that McKinstry’s Skip Hire works tirelessly to identify alternative solutions to managing waste.


Finding another use for what is considered waste was at the crux of McKinstry’s turning to EDGE Innovate to provide a construction and demolition management solution to their ever increasing Construction Demolition waste stream. From the initial discussions and testing, McKinstry’s and EDGE Innovate came up with the solution of a recovery plant that combines mechanical screening, manual picking and the latest Light Vs Heavy air screening technology to divert huge volumes from landfill whilst creating new revenue streams.

The C&D Recovery plant consists of an EDGE TRT622 Track Trommel, a 4 bay picking station, over-band and magnetic head drums, eddy current, an EDGE Material Classifier and an EDGE TS65 Track Stacker. In total, McKinstry Skip Hire processed and sold 28,868 tonnes of recycled aggregates in 2013. The new Construction Demolition plant has allowed McKinstrys to increase this figure to 45,600 tonnes. The current set-up extracts up to six different types of materials including; trommel fines, clean saleable hardcore fill, wood, PETE (polyethylene terepthalate), LTPE (low density polyethylene), ferrous and non-ferrous metals and high grade Refuse Derived Fuel.

The plant boasts design features such a unique load sensing hydraulic drive system, ecopower saving functionality and user friendly HMI control panel for easy fine tuning for different applications. The EDGE TRT622 track mounted trommel is designed for maximum productivity and incorporates a heavy duty construction design with zero spillage. It also boasts an extremely wide collection conveyor which eliminates the risk of material bridging. It’s 180° slewing radial conveyor enables operators to create huge wind row stockpiles. The MC1200 provides a solution for lights/ heavies separation. Designed to remove impurities from aggregates, construction & demolition waste, plastics and wood, the EDGE air separator provides customers with a high quality product that can used as refuse derived fuel, solid recovered fuel, clean hard-core and fines that meet new 2015 landfill tax rate specifications. The use of controlled air as a separation medium provides extreme versatility and greater flexibility to that of mechanical separation techniques.

Operations Manager Aaron Rainey speaks of the benefits the EDGE product “The EDGE trommel and classifier enables us to extract a greater proportion of material from our waste stream and create high quality commodities which we can now sell on rather than paying todispose of, which is key when waste disposal costs are rising with the introduction of new regulations”.

GreenRock Equipment has positioned itself as the leading supplier of waste recycling systems in California and Hawaii by providing tailored solutions to meet specific waste streams. With access to the entire product range from leading European manufacturer EDGE Innovate; GreenRock Equipment can provide a variety of trommels, slow speed shredders, sorting stations, flip flow screens, stackers and material classifiers to the Californian and Hawaii market.

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